Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Organic farming Training

Date: 2014.06. 26     
Venue: Vilankulam, Trincomalee

Village level members in Muththunagar, Vilankulam,

Program Contents:
  • Feedback of previous  program

Explanation given below of the weaknesses
  • Making of clay and cement  mixture planting pond for making liquid manure

Bed prepared
  • Using ants hill soil, cement and Powder  line mixture
  • This bed help to preserve soil moisture
  • Land design
  • Using empty bottle, pot and Drip irrigation
  • Filter  the waste and use water 
  • Garden design
  • Land preparation- Double digging
·    Garden visit
·    Planting distant
·    Preparation of Work Plan (Home garden program)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Assistance for the woman headed families

Equipments, animals and goods were provided for 28 women headed families to develop their existing self employments at the district office of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement in Mannar on 10th of June 2014. This is the second step of providing assistance for the women headed families in the North and East. NAFSO has provided animals, goods and equipments for 109 women headed families from Arippu, Mullikulam, Saveriyarpuram, Kondachchikuda, Chilawathurei, Thottaveli, Potkeni, Pesali and Pallimune in local governmental areas of Musali and Mannar in 2013.

Participants of the occasion- 

 01 Mr. Dineshwaran, Hor, Fisheries Minister of  Northern provincial council

   02 Rev. Father Ogasteen
   03    Ren. Father Jeyabalan 
   04 Mr. Diuk Croos, Youth officer of the Government 
   05     District  Police Commissioner in Mannar 
   06      Mr. Alam, Vice president of Alliance of  Northern Province Fisheries Unity and the president of the fisheries cooperative society in Mannar 
   07 The president of the citizen forum in Musali. 
      08 The secretary of District Fisheries Solidarity in Mannar 
   09   The president and secretary of the “ Walarpirei” district women headed committee 
   10   Mr. Anthony Jesudasn – North East Coordinator - NAFSO 
   11 Rajan - NAFSO 
      12          Laksiri - NAFSO


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Providing goods / Equipments and animals for women headed family members in Trincomalee District in order to engaging self- employment activities

 In 2013 October we were able to provide goods, Equipments and animals for 130 women of  Love Land, Killikunchu malai, Villankulam Muththunaggar, Kuramalaiutiu, Poompahar, Sally, Veeranagar and Kaputthurai on the second pace in May 2014 we were able to provide another 112 women.

Participation of the event-

Selvarajajah           - Chairmanurban council Trincomalee
G. Nithithasan        - EHED – Charitas Derector          
Herman Kumara     - National Convener of NAFSO
Antony Jesudasn   - Coordinator of North and East
Lavina Hasanthi     - Coordinator of women program
Gamini                  - Coo- Council - President
Nadeshwary Jeyaram – Coo- Council secretary
President of the regional committee
President of the committee of women headed family
President of village committee

List of providing goods-

Agriculture Tools      -34
Sewing Machines       - 1
Small Shops                - 31
Nets                             - 3
Bicycle/Fish Box       - 3
String Hopers Machines - 20
Sweet Machines         - 10